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 What's included in your Sujin Favourites Box: ---Prawn Toast Two Ways 2x Portions of Prawn Toast...

 What's included in your Sujin Favourites Box:

Prawn Toast Two Ways 

2x Portions of Prawn Toast Served with Pickled Moo
2x Portions of DIY Prawn Toast Kimbap with Cucumber, Egg Roll and Danmuji 
Gochujang Mayo

Spicy Korean Pork Belly 

2x Portions of Korean Pork Belly (Jeyuk-Bookeum) served with Kimchi Emulsion, Seasonal Pickles, Purple Rice and Mak-Kimchi

2x Portions of Almond Dacquoise, Chantilly Cream and Seasonal Stone Fruit

What you will need:
Oven tray, Chopping board, Small Saucepan

Cooking and plating instructions:
You will receive easy to follow ‘cooking’ instructions as well as a how-to plate video to walk you through the creation of the dish so even the presentation looks Michelin-starred!

Barley, Egg, Milk, Fish, Wheat, Oysters (molluscs), Sesame, Soybean

Full Ingredient list:
Pork belly, Gochujang (soybean), Gochugaru, Oyster sauce (Oyster), Garlic, Ginger, Sesame oil (Sesame), Shaoxing wine, Corn Syrup, Kimchi emulsion (Egg, Fish), Soy, Salt, Spring Onions, Fish Sauce, Radish, Rice flour, Sugar, Cucumber, Rice wine vinegar, Multigrain rice (Barley, Soybean)

Prawns, Shaoxing wine, Garlic, Ginger, White Bread (wheat), Sesame oil (sesame), Potato starch, Mirin, Panko Breadcrumbs (wheat), Vegetable oil, Kewpie Mayo (egg)

Almond meal, Egg (egg), Sugar, Cream (milk)

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