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This classic Korean broths box showcases three of my favourite comforting and nourishing broths, ...

This classic Korean broths box showcases three of my favourite comforting and nourishing broths, stews and Guk (soups) and has been specifically designed to get us through not only winter but yet another lockdown, 3.0 with all of us having to think, plan, prep, shop and cook yet more meals ourselves at home. 

So this box includes not only one but three comforting and nourishing meals for two. These are easy and simple, heat and serve lunch or dinner options. As all of the broths are vacuum-packed, they can easily be frozen if you'd like to save them for another day. 

You will receive below in your Sujin box:

  • 2 Portions of YUKGAEJANG (Spicy beef, Shiitake Mushrooms and Vegetables Stew ) - the base of this stew is a 2 day beef bone broth. This hearty stew is packed with flavour (think spicy umami from the bone broth, gochugaru oil (Korean chilli flakes), Shiitake, leeks and beef) and full of texture from the tender beef, bean sprouts and leeks. This is a substantial stew which only requires a bowl rice on the side and is utterly satisfying on those cold nights. 

  • 2 Portions of MIYEOK-GUK (Korean Seaweed Soup) - this is such a clean and healthy (high in fiber and a great source for Omega-3 fatty acid, calcium, iron and other minerals) broth. All you need to enjoy this nourishing and delicious soup is a generous bowl of multigrain rice and some Kimchi on the side. 

  • 2 Portions of JANCHI NOODLES (Kimchi, Cucumber and Radish Pickles Served with Noodles and warm Seafood Dashi) - Homemade seafood Dashi is the base of this savoury and light brothy noodle soup. Warm and tender wheat noodles are served with homemade pickled cucumber, crunchy Kimchi, colourful egg garnish and Umami-rich broth. 

  • 4 Portions of washed and soaked multigrain rice

  • Homemade Kimchi

What you will need:
Medium saucepan (heating up the soup), Small Saucepan (rice and noodles)

Cooking and plating instructions:
You will receive easy to follow ‘cooking’ instructions as well as a how-to plate video to walk you through the creation of the dish so even the presentation looks Michelin-starred!

Soybean, Sesame, Wheat, Fish, Molluscs, Egg


MiYeokGuk: Seafood broth (fish, mollusc), Seaweed, Soy sauce (soybean, wheat), Sesame oil (sesame), Fish sauce (fish), Garlic  
Yukgaejang: Beef, Leek, Shitake Mushrooms, Sesame oil (sesame), Vegetable oil, Soy sauce (soybean, wheat), Garlic, Gingner, Bean sprouts, Egg (egg), salt, pepper
Janchi Noodles: Seafood Dashi (fish, mollusc), kelp, radish. Pickled cucumber (cucumber, apple cider vinegar, sugar), Radish Pickled radish (radish, soybean, wheat, sugar), Egg, Kimchi (fish) 
Kimchi: Cabbage, salt, garlic, ginger, onion, spring onions, radish, fish sauce (fish), gochugaru, rice flour, sugar

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